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A hidden paradise


Odessa is a platform for communities and holds space for a wide variety of cultural events.


From dance, workshops, performances, club nights and festivals, retreats to ecstatic dance, lounging, saunas and enjoying refreshing drinks and home made foods.


So basically we provide for anything what frees & fuels mind, body & spirit!


We bring like-minded spirits together by creating a playground for artist and creative minds alike. In a similar vein, we believe in pushing talent forward by creating exhibitions and other cultural and musical events.


So beware and expect the most celestial, magical and sometimes even extravaganza gatherings rooted in self-expression, art and communal efforts.


And for all of you audiophiles: we have a state of the art Funktion One sound system that will make your ears want to do a little dance too.


It is one of our main pillars: sharing knowledge and creating awareness.


In this spirit, we serve vegan food made with locally sourced, eco-conscious and organic ingredients during our festivals and retreats.


Odessa serves only non-alcoholic drinks. So all the high moments you experience are fully natural!

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