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Summer Festival
Odessa opens its doors yet again for its two-day Summer Festival focused on self-development, holistic living, and a positive exploration of life.

What to Expect

A diverse range of workshops, activities, and experiences designed to inspire, uplift, and empower you on your evolutionary journey.


Dive deep into meditation, movement, and holistic practices led by passionate facilitators.

Connection & Community

Find like-minded souls, forge meaningful connections, and build a supportive network for growth and evolution.

Relationships & Manifestation

Explore the secrets of nurturing meaningful connections and manifesting your dreams into reality.

Immersive Experience

Discover the vibrant life, music, art, and natural beauty aboard Odessa, your sanctuary for exploration and transformation.

Join Us

Step aboard Odessa with curiosity in your heart and an open mind, and let the magic unfold.

Two Ships

We open our doors to open our hearts, where we can allow our authentic selves and freedom to thrive as we embark on the evolutionary journey of life.

From breathtaking sunsets on the deck to invigorating saunas and enriching workshops, this is your invitation to embrace joy, connection, and wonder.


Come join us and let us be inspired together

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